We are committed to the safety of our employees and customers personnel...

We believe that safety is the responsibility of every individual involved in a project.  For this reason, we continually provide appropriate detailed training to all employees.

By retaining the most skilled and competent tradesman in the industry, Granite Oilfield Services maintains an accountable and effective safety program.  Through our due diligence system, we continue to maintain our COR for over ten years.  We remain devoted to performing superior work while promoting and maintaining a safe workplace at all times on our jobsites.

Granite Oilfield Services Quality Management System (5th Edition) is maintained with ABSA, Certificate #AQP-2948 and T-SASK Certificate #QCP-0325-0001, Granite provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) for all construction piping we fabricate for all projects.

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